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 When Landice, Inc., a 50-year old NJ-based manufacturer of high-end treadmills, ellipticals and bikes, needed to take a pulse on the market, they called on Screaming Garlic. We performed an in-depth market research study that garnered results that would change their business strategy and become the foundation of their marketing efforts for the next 4 years.


What started out as an initial feedback study turned quickly into an organizational and strategic analysis based upon the data uncovered. We conducted interviews with key Landice personnel, their dealer network, customers, prospective customers, and even performed an audit on their existing website.Landice received insights into the market that they were previously unaware existed. They were shown opportunities that were not previously considered. Most of all, they were provided with a clear, tactical path on how to repair past issues and capitalize on new challenges presented. As a result, Landice averted over $3 million in potential sales channel losses and re-engineering costs due to the data that Screaming Garlic uncovered.


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